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Privacy Policy

Privacy & Security Policy


Please read this privacy & security policy below before using this website or submitting any personal information via this website. Any changes to our Privacy policy will be posted here on this website.

Collection of information

Personal information such as name, addresses, email and contact numbers are only collected for the purposes of communication, and the processing and dispatching of orders. Email addresses provided can be used for sending you specials and promotions. If you do not wish to receive these emails, you can unsubscribe at any time at the bottom of the email or send us an email at customercare@christiana.com.au

All personal information will be stored securely and only accessible by authorised personnel. We will never sell or disclose any of your information to other businesses or third party, except those parties involved in the delivery of your order, and by law such as government agencies and other companies investigating fraud prevention.

Use of Cookies

This website may use cookies as a means of tracking your use of the site. A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a web server to your computer and is used for gathering information such as, browser type, operating systems, and keeps tracks of movements within the site. It helps us to learn understand how visitors use this site to enable us to improve the site further. Your personal information and identity cannot be collected by cookies.

Payment Security

We use eWAY’s secure online payment system.

List of cookies we collect

The table below lists the cookies we collect and what information they store.

COOKIE name COOKIE Description
CART The association with your shopping cart.
CATEGORY_INFO Stores the category info on the page, that allows to display pages more quickly.
COMPARE The items that you have in the Compare Products list.
CURRENCY Your preferred currency
CUSTOMER An encrypted version of your customer id with the store.
CUSTOMER_AUTH An indicator if you are currently logged into the store.
CUSTOMER_INFO An encrypted version of the customer group you belong to.
CUSTOMER_SEGMENT_IDS Stores the Customer Segment ID
EXTERNAL_NO_CACHE A flag, which indicates whether caching is disabled or not.
FRONTEND You sesssion ID on the server.
GUEST-VIEW Allows guests to edit their orders.
LAST_CATEGORY The last category you visited.
LAST_PRODUCT The most recent product you have viewed.
NEWMESSAGE Indicates whether a new message has been received.
NO_CACHE Indicates whether it is allowed to use cache.
PERSISTENT_SHOPPING_CART A link to information about your cart and viewing history if you have asked the site.
POLL The ID of any polls you have recently voted in.
POLLN Information on what polls you have voted on.
RECENTLYCOMPARED The items that you have recently compared.
STF Information on products you have emailed to friends.
STORE The store view or language you have selected.
USER_ALLOWED_SAVE_COOKIE Indicates whether a customer allowed to use cookies.
VIEWED_PRODUCT_IDS The products that you have recently viewed.
WISHLIST An encrypted list of products added to your Wishlist.
WISHLIST_CNT The number of items in your Wishlist.


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